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Functional, Clean Environment

MEDFORD CORE offers a private facility that provides plenty of space for a hardCORE workout in a fun and energetic environment.


About Us

MEDFORD CORE offers a private facility that provides plenty of space for a hardCORE workout in a fun and energetic environment.

We offer a large selection of individual and small group fitness programs that are focused on improving the quality of life for our CLIENTS.

With Modern Equipment and the latest scientifically based techniques, the Medford CORE program is committed to meet each clients personal needs.

Studio Amenities

Degreed Trainer

Free parking

Free fresh towel & water service

Clean and functional space

State of the art equipment

In-house nutritionist

Custom diet plan

Cardio Room

Cross Fit Room

Stress Free environment



Quick Hitt

14 Days Challenge

This Fat burning inferno is perfect if your In town for a visit or your just in a hurry to impress at a re union !

This High Intensity Interval Training program is the most effective way to burn more fat, improve endurance, and build strength in only 14 Days.

This program is a Daily one on One coaching program including a full nutritional printout of daily meals, supplements and water intake.

Guaranteed results in 14 days



Freedom 30

30 Days Challenge

4.3 weeks of Fat Burning, Muscle Toning and fine tuning your nutrition program to get you on the life long path to superior health and fitness

Training sessions every Mon thru Friday with one on one coach. Focused training session including warm up and stretch 45 min intense training and cool down.

During the 30 days a manageable maintenance plan is developed to keep you on track after you have locked in your momentum of the fitness lifestyle

Guaranteed results in 30 days

This program is for first time clients only



The Summit
90 Day Training Camp

This 12 weeks program is designed to create Habitual success! Transform your body and transform your life in only 90 days. The SUMITT 90 Day Program encompasses all of the technology, planning and motivation professional athletes use to get ready for their season. In this case, your season is Life.

This program includes all aspects of all of the Medford Core programs but drives home the results with duration of12 weeks driving home the habitual change.

Do you have what it takes to climb to the Summit

90 Days training camp



Specific Training

Whether you are pre season, in season or off season Medford Core has sports specific programs for every level athlete to take your game to the next level.  Improve performance with increased strength and flexibility training scientifically designed to give you the edge!

4.3 Weeks of strength coaching



James B. Jefferson

M.E.S. C.P.T. C.S.N.
  • 31 Years Experience
  • 100,000 hours of Training
  • Masters Degree Exercise Physiology
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist
  • Trainer of Amateur, Olympic and Professional Athletes
  • Medford Core 35 Jackson Rd. Medford N.J. 08055
  • 609-923-2663
  • By Appointment Only Mon thru Sat 5am thru 8pm
    Closed Sundays