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Dr. Bill Steffano 2018 ***** 5 Stars

Two whom it may concern. My name is Dr. Bill Stefanou and I have been a chiropractic physician in the area for 30 years. Our Wellness office is located on Church Rd. in Marlton N.J. I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Jefferson 8 yrs I was injured myself as an active ice hockey player and I did my personal rehab with James through many hockey inuries and my body is now in the best shape of my life. Not only do my wife and I train with James, I refer my patients to him for spinal rehab and health & fitness education. i have witnessed James working with professional atheletes and boxers for many years. My patients rave about the results they get with his private training services. His professionalism and fees are in line with his experience and care. If you are going to slander his name you should have facts and at least man up and use your name. I am always available in person for any potential client for James Your Personal Trainer Recommendation. Stop at my office in Marlton at 111 Church Rd Marlton N.J. 08053 or call me at the Doctors office at 856-983-8282 for further discussion if James The Personal Trainer is the right choice for you. Best Regards Dr. Bill Stefanou

Molly Pankok 2021 ***** 5 Stars

James and Nicole are the absolute best around! They are attentive, dedicated, motivating, and an all-around amazing trainers! They always makes me feel like I am his only client - personable and he makes working out actually fun! And I already feel so much stronger, healthier, and active. I am so lucky he ended up as my trainer - you can’t go wrong at Medford CORE!! 10/10!!!

Lee Heims 2019 ***** 5 Stars

I'm a senior citizen who decided to exercise with a personal trainer as a 2015 New Year resolution. It is 5 years later and I am still working out with James Jefferson and loving it. He knows just what I need to keep me fit and strong. Right now with Covid-19 still in the picture, I am working out with James on Face Time. I'm doing two days of upper body, two days of lower body and one day of calisthenics each week. It's an incredible way to start each weekday. I look forward to going back to Medford Core in person as soon as I feel safe enough to do so. It's a friendly, accepting, thoroughly enjoyable place to workout. But it's James Jefferson who deserves all the credit for providing the training and maintaining the atmosphere of a truly quality gym.

Anneliese Scott 2021 ***** 5 Stars

I've been working out with James at Medford Core for 3 months. I've lost over 20 pounds and now have to start buying new clothes because everything is big on me. I feel great and couldn't recommend Medford Core more. Looking forward to losing more!! K Stephen 2018 One on one training. James is very knowledgeable about who he is training and different individual needs. Various workouts cater to your level of fitness. He is very timely, goal oriented & overall dedicated to each client. Medford Core also offers a variety of classes. Strength & Tone, Stretch & Core, Senior Balance & Strength, and Ballet Bar and Tone. Classes are limited to 5 people, so you feel like your individual needs are being achieved. I'd highly recommend you check it out!

Amy Jones 2020 ***** 5 Stars

I just completed my initial month with James & Nicole and I'm excited to continue my training. The results over the last month have been great and I know will only get better. The best part of the training is the accountability that many trainers say they are going to hold you to but most do not follow through. James does. Since starting I have been working on my diet, beyond not eating chocolate chip cookies but working on the correct macros for long term success and I know that if I slip up I will have to answer to James. Training with Medford Core is a concoction of knowledge, creativity, customized workouts that fit you, accountability and a dash of fear (or rather respect for your trainer ;) ). If you actually want to see results and not just have a pal to gossip to while picking up a dumbbell, this is your place and James is your guy.

Even More Testimonials

Diane Martin 2018 I am a current client at Medford CORE (for 6 months now). The personal training, customized diet plan, and guidance on general nutrition / fitness / overall wellness have exceeded my expectations. The facility is clean and private. You never have to deal with crowds or wait to use equipment. James is very knowledgeable and adapts his training to your individual goals and needs, including taking into account any injuries you may have. He is a great motivator while making a workout fun. He provides a great sense of support and will keep you accountable and on track. If you have a fitness or weight loss goal in mind but don’t where to start, I would highly recommend you contact James at Medford CORE. He offers a free initial consultation, so you have nothing to lose. I wish I’d done this a long time ago!

Denise Reed 2021 Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality James & Nicole provide a personal experience to each client they service. They are encouraging and challenge you to be the best version of yourself while loving yourself through your transformation or personal training session. The training study is extremely well organized and clean!

John Shaddock 2020 Positive: Professionalism Medford is top notch if you want to get fit. James is very knowledgeable when it comes to fitness and martial arts. I am glad I met James and started my fitness and martial arts journey.

Bill Latino 2021 Positive: Professionalism, Quality Very knowledgeable trainer. Has offered great direction on exercise form and food diet. I have lost 22 pounds in six weeks and have noticeable muscle growth. Place is very clean and offers a great environment . Highly recommend James to anyone looking to either just get in shape or compete at a high level

Gladys Spaulding 2017 James is a dedicated Personal Trainer! From the day I first met with him for an initial consultation, I knew he was the right trainer for me. He helped me reach my weight and running goals. I was on active duty at the time and James ensured I was physically ready to lead my unit. Response from the owner3 years ago Gladys you have done an amazing job of sticking to the principles I taught you and keeping in touch even 7 years after you moved out of the area. Way to go soldier.

Simonne Hummel 2021 Medford Core has been and continues to be a great experience. They are incredibly flexible with my crazy schedule and support every part of your weight loss and healthy lifestyle transition! Thank you!!

Renee Powell 2021 Stop saying "I need to do something about my weight...my health.." That's what I had been doing until I jumped in with both feet in October of 2018. James lead me, taught me, supported me, pushed me, listened to me and never let me say "I can't". I love the small family feel and never having to fight for a spot. I've made new friend and a new me. At 70 lbs down I have more energy, I can keep up with my kids, I don't ache all the time.Invent the time into yourself- You are worth it!

Vicki ODonnell 2021 Positive: Professionalism James is the best. He will lead you to success if you follow his advice. Nicole is also a wonderful resource for healthy eating and lifestyle choices. Response from the owners year ago We thank you so much and wish you continued success on your health and fitness journey.

Crystal Harms 2020 After 2 years of driving past and thinking I should stop in .. I finally did. It was the smartest decision I’ve ever made. Immediately, I was welcomed into our fitness family, without judgement. I was given the guidance I needed to start a weight loss and fitness journey I wasn’t able to achieve the last 46 years of my life, after numerous attempts. I was terrified of hitting 300 lbs .. and at 275 lbs, I wasn’t far away. I was always able to lose 10-15 lbs on my own and then I would yo-yo back and, inevitably gain more than I lost. After 3 months at Medford Core, I have lost 30 lbs and I know it is just the beginning. I am most happy about the fact that I have such a safe and amazing environment to do the work. Otherwise the future would seem overwhelming and I would quit. This is my new life and I love it.

zinkmoore 2019 Medford Core has changed my life for the BETTER!! The equipment is clean . The set up is organized and the clientele that are there all have one thing in common- TO GET STRONG and HEALTHY! Training at Medford Core has made me so much stronger mentally and physically. 💪🏼

Margo Ent 2021 Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality This place offers Attention to details and that the workouts are tailored for each person. Very professional and knowledgeable staff. Great job. Response from the ownera year ago Thank you very much. Your working very hard.

scasne1 2021 Amazing trainers. James and Nicole do a great job at a price that doesn't break the bank Kyle Jennings 2021 Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality Lost 50 pounds with James help

Selena Marino 2019 FIVE STARS AWESOME PLACE Very Professional

Luciano Lamberti 2021 5 Stars 

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